12 Things I gained from #MillennialTalk 12/17/13

12. Celebrate small victories, get an inspiration board, and always have an agenda and to-do list.

11. “ALWAYS DREAM BIG with your goals. Even if you don’t get there, all the hard work will get you closer than easy work.. The re-calculate and dream bigger.” @jimmygamito

10. “Think about the people you spend your time with. Do they help or hurt your goals?” @ijeomasnwatu

9. “Circle yourself with people who are goal oriented and driven, you will collaborate better and work harder for yourself.” @jimmygamito

8. “Make sure your business cards stand out and represent who you are. At big events it’s easy to overlook people. #bedifferent” @jimmygamito

7. “Always remember there are endless opportunities out there, you make the choice to take them” @JennaJadee

6. “Business cards are a pocket sized personal billboards – easy to hand out – & people find them hard to let go” @brandideas

5. “Everyone you meet through life’s experiences is an open canvas of possibilities, don’t lose contact with them.” @jimmygamito

4. “The only person you should compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday” @GenY_girl

3. “Take necessary chances. If you always play it safe your holding yourself back!” @JennaJadee

2. “Acknowledge what assets you need in order to achieve the big goal but don’t already have. Work to gain those 1st.” @_pamC

1. Everyone should tune in to @millennialtalk on January 7th for our next discussion.


The Future of our Generation


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