5 ½ iPhone Apps I Would Never be Able to Function Without!

1. OpenTable / Grubhub (I know it’s two but they’re in the same sphere) – What can I say about these two apps other than I would starve to death without them. I like to eat relatively healthy except on my cheat days, so for me OpenTable is a dream come true on those special treat days. I can easily find restaurants in the vicinity and book a table. I can look up restaurants by price range, rating, type of food, etc. It makes it so convenient to go out and grab dinner that I normally just pick a place 15 minutes before I need to get there after my friends and I have all gathered for some sort of Happy Hour. In a half mile vicinity of my building there is easily over 100 places to eat, the goal is to eat out at all of them before I move out of Downtown Miami.

1/2. Grubhub on the other hand allows me to order delivery, pay through their app, browse through menus online, and gives me a pretty accurate rating of places I would like. I normally order out often since I use my lunch break to go to the gym in my building. This app makes it convenient to order food, pay through the app (including tip), and by the time I leave the gym I can just go downstairs to my buildings concierge and pick up my food. That my friends, is time management at its finest!

2. Twitter – I run my personal twitter and my professional twitter on this app. I will admit I have been slacking on my twitter game because I have been so busy, but this app is where I basically get most of my millennial news. I find articles, new people to connect with in my professional network, read about my friends’ lives, etc. Unfortunately, Facebook became a networking tool for me, but I was able to divide my twitters between personal and business and because of this it is my most convenient networking platform.

3. Lose It! – This app is how I track my calorie and exercise. Heart disease unfortunately is very strong in my family therefore I need to watch what I eat and my exercise in order to control cholesterol levels and to watch out for my health. I like to track how many miles I run a week (I normally run in excess of 30 so I like to beat my goals monthly). Sometimes I fall off the health food wagon and need to be reminded how bad the week was for me health wise. How many extra bad fats I ate, how many carbs I had, and what my cholesterol intake was. This app provides me with all of that. Exercise and Food in one. Must have for everyone.

4. Taasky – Taasky is an updated version of the iPhone’s reminder app however it allows me to divide my tasks between work, personal, home, etc. By doing this I know what I need to do and when I need to do it. It also allows me to set reminders which can be helpful for things I know I will be more than likely to forget. Everything is color coded, and I am a color coded freak so it helps me reach a level of organization that my OCD needs in order to feel fulfilled. 

5. Tango – I have spent the past year living between Miami and Philadelphia since my significant other is in Medical school there. We normally see each other every month, but communication is the key to a relationships success. I LOVE THIS APP! It has so many features. It is like a super upgraded version of skype. You can do both video and text chat. You can also send pictures, create a profile, post picture updates and status updates all of which are tracked in real time so you both feel connected at all times. My favorite feature? You can play games with one another while video chatting. Once you open the game you can’t see each other, but Tango has over 50 games for you to choose from. We normally play darts just because we have pretty crazy competition going but we also play a variety of other games to keep ourselves entertained. I will have to say, we have spent plenty of entertaining and distressful nights laughing over games thanks to Tango.

Honorable Mention goes out to Hootesuite. I recently began using this application all the time to run my companies University Recruitment page. It allows me to plan postings in advance that are tweeted out at the time that I want them to be tweeted. I normally spent 45 minutes of the day planning articles, quotes, and pictures that will be posted throughout the day to keep the page active, that way I can just log in and focus on replying to comments and looking for new people to follow. I am considering putting my other two twitter profiles on here, but I am not comfortable with the platform yet, especially since one twitter is private and I fear making a mistake. I am sure once I feel more comfortable I could put all three together and the need for the twitter app (which is my life) might become obsolete.

So this is my life. These apps pretty much make up my life at the moment. I am sure a year from now as things change new apps will take the place of some of these. The moral here is, I don’t think I could ever be able to survive without my iPhone and its apps.